Google Bard: 5 Exciting New Features You Need to Know

Google's chatbot Bard receives new features, enhancing connectivity with Google apps and services. 

Features include customized replies, Bard extensions, and an improved Google It button. Bard now integrates with Google products like Gmail, Docs, Drive, Maps, YouTube, Flights, and more. 

Over 40 additional languages added to Bard's language capabilities

Bard can interact with data from Drive, Docs, and Gmail for easy access and responses 

Users can enable or disable extensions, granting control over data access 

Google Search integration allows users to verify Bard's responses. 

Bard highlights statements that can be fact-checked in its responses 

Improved "Google it" option provides easy access to web information supporting Bard's responses. 

Google emphasizes user control over data usage in Bard's public model training